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Welkom bij artlantismembers.com

    Some information about Artlantismember

    We decided to start this web store in 2009. Since our start we had a lot of improvements on this website. Each day there are more objects to find in our catalogue. We have some fine modellers who work for us and if you have any questions or special requests we are always here to help you. Just click our ‘contact link and write an email.

    Our automatic download system will secure that you will get your objects immediately every day, every time.

    excluding the artlantis media software and third party products, the purchases have a delivery time until 24 hours

    The products in our shop are priced VAT included. Dutch clients and and individual customers all over the world are charged 19% VAT at checkout.Buyers that submit a legal Tax registration number are not charged with VAT

    After payment you will receive your new objects with an automatic download link